A creative video studio


We concept, film, and edit videos that share stories and drive business goals.



Kineto Films is a video studio that specializes in high-quality video content. Our team consists of four creative professionals that live in Seattle, Washington and Brooklyn, New York. We approach our work as a thoughtful collaboration between the client and ourselves - the two parties working together to create the most impactful creative work possible. We do our research and back creative ideas with a foundation of strategy that serves a business purpose.

Pre Production

We work with our clients to develop concepts and creative ideas. We then create schedules and coordinate with various teams to ensure a smooth production.

Video Production

Our full-service production team creates meaningful content with industry-leading cinematic technology.

Post Production

Post-Production takes our work to greater heights. We place a thoughtful emphasis on editing, color, and sound design to produce top-notch content.

Featured Work


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