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Narrative / Creative Content

Ancestry DNA

The AncestryDNA kit is something that most people have heard of. You get this box, spit into a tube, and the company comes back with data around your DNA. It essentially paints a picture of your geographical lineage. We partnered with Derek Brown to create 30-second advertisements to show how the DNA kit makes a great evergreen or holiday gift. The series resulted in a 500% increase in search lift, and the videos received +350,000 views (each!) in their first week on YouTube.

Fam Glam Series

The Fam Glam series was a project that had been wanting to do for awhile. The goal was to film four individuals undergoing makeovers to look like a relative of theirs. This way they could reminisce, relate to, and share the story and impact that relative had on their life. We partnered with the Ancestry creative team to turn their long time goal into reality. The videos received +500,000 views during their first week on the Ancestry Facebook page.


We teamed up with the friendly people at Onewheel and produced a sketch comedy series that featured their amazing product. We wrote, filmed, and acted in the following short pieces that were published on the Onewheel Instagram page. Enjoy!